What is a Ready Team?

A Ready Team is a group of 3 or more people that have developed a plan to deploy with Christ In Action. Any individual 18 years old or older and in good health (able to work 11 hours per day in strenuous conditions) can be part of a Ready Team. These Ready Teams, from all across America, provide a dependable base of volunteers for CIA when we are deployed.


How does a Ready Team register with Christ In Action?

•A Ready Team Leader must have attended a training and/or deployed with CIA and be approved as a Team Leader. Start here to register as a Team Leader.

•Team members are encouraged (but not required) to have CIA training as well.

•Each member of the team MUST register as a volunteer at christinaction.com and fill out their "Skills Profile" so we know how best to utilize each volunteer when they arrive on deployment.

•Be sure to identify your Ready Team leader on the registration form where requested.

•Please print and sign the CIA Volunteer Waiver form and bring it with you to our site, Camp Hope.

When does a Ready Team deploy with Christ In Action?

•Christ In Action will send out an announcement email, letting everyone know that we are deploying. Following that, our volunteer coordinator will call each Ready Team Leader to get initial dates for their trip(s). At that point, each Ready Team Member will need to login to their CIA accounts and submit the dates that the team will be coming, identifying their team leader at that time.

•AFTER registering online, each member will receive two emails:

•Registration Confirmation: This email will be an automated confirmation that we successfully received your registration

•Approval email: This will come within 24 hours of registration and contain the location of our site and instructions on what to pack, and any other pertinent details. If you are “denied” it is most likely because we have reached our maximum capacity for that timeframe, and we will suggest other dates

•Your Team Leader will determine the timing for your trip and will clear those dates with CIA prior to your registration

•Pre-registering is vital to deployment operations, allowing us to plan jobs, meals & other accommodations for your team members

•Some teams will arrive on-site at the deployment immediately to assist with setting up the base came with the CIA core team. Other teams will arrive in intervals during the following weeks of the deployment. Most deployments average 5-7 weeks

  What does a deployment with Christ In Action look like?

•A suggested packing list (specific to the type of disaster) will be sent to you after completing the event-specific registration

•Core packing items for all deployments:

•Closed-toe shoes/work boots (NOT sneakers or tennis shoes)

•Work pants (not yoga pants)

•CIA red shirts

•Sleeping bag

•Air mattress or cot (single size)


•Toiletry items


•Transportation to & from “Camp Hope” (CIA’s Field Base of Operations) is your team’s responsibility. This will be part of your pre-planning; determining which method of transportation and/or vehicle(s) will best serve the size and scope of your team.

•Upon arrival you will be assigned to sleeping quarters; dorm style, with men and women sleeping seperately (sorry we can’t accommodate married couples rooming together).

•Meals are provided

•Showers are provided

•Internet may or may not be available - we will let you know when you register if it is not

•Laundry facilities are not available, so pack accordingly


For more information on what volunteering looks like, check out this video or visit our Deployment FAQ page.


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