Kevin & Connie Reilly


Kevin first connected with Christ In Action Ministries in 1983, when Denny spoke at the church Kevin was attending. Denny invited the church to join him in New Orleans to minister and preach on the streets during Mardi Gras. Since then, Kevin has helped the ministry at street evangelism outreaches, Family Fests and disaster sites. Kevin has does anything needed; from driving trucks across the country and making repairs to equipment, to his current position as Second Vice-President on the Board of Directors where he has served since 2011.

Kevin has had many opportunities to minister both inside and outside the church. His goal is to fulfill the ministry of Stephen (Acts 6:5), to be a man full of faith doing whatever the Lord puts before him to do.  Kevin has 30+ years experience as a firefighter, and he currently works as an arson investigator and provides valuable insight in crisis intervention and preparedness. Kevin and his wonderful wife Connie live in Linden, VA and have four beautiful daughters.

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