Giving FAQs

What is the best way to give monthly to CIA?
We are thankful to everyone who helps us in our mission to bring the Hope of Jesus to people in crisis all across America. If you want to partner with us on a monthly basis there are two great options.

1. Set up an electronic "bill payment" from your bank. There are zero fees for you or us, you won't have to worry about writing out a check every month, and it will in no way put you into debt.

2. Set up a recurring donation via direct debit (ACH transfer) on our website. E-checks have lower processing fees than credit/debit cards, and you never need to worry about expiring cards and credit card fraud.
3. Set up a monthly credit card donation. We pay very low fees, and you can earn points towards rewards on your credit card. However, we do not endorse making a commitment that will put you into debt. Please do not use your credit card for that.
I want to support one of your staff members, what do you take out for overhead/admin?
Nothing. Every penny given to support our staff goes directly to them. There is no fee or percentage taken out of your gift, they get 100%
How much money (what percentage) goes to Salaries?
0%. We do not pay salaries. We do not have any paid positions here at CIA. Every person who works with us (full-time or part-time) works as a volunteer. Any money our staff receive is from money specifically designated for their personal missionary support.
I want to give to a specific project, will it really go to that?
Yes. 100% of every designated gift goes to where it is specified for. The only exception is if the need has been met. If we were raising money for a certain project and it was completed, then CIA's board will approve any remaining funds to be used for other purposes. i.e. If we are raising money for a specific disaster and money comes in after our deployment has ended those funds will go into our disaster relief fund, but won't be used on that specific deployment. If you are concerned about if a project or deployment is still active, please call our offices prior to making your donation.
How does Christ In Action protect my personal information? What is CIA's privacy policy?
We do not share your donation information. The ONLY time that we would give anyone your information is if you make a gift in honor or in memory of someone, at that point we would share your name and physical address, and the fact that you gave (but no monetary amount or information) with the family you donated in honor/memory of. Christ In Action (CIA) is committed to protecting your personal information and will not release or sell your information to third-parties.  All information is stored and transmitted securely.  Due to the nature of our ministry, CIA will periodically send email and postal mail correspondence for FBFR and other ministry-related updates.  By using the links within those emails, you may choose to opt-out of these messages or select which specific correspondence you wish to receive. If you have further questions or do not wish to receive any correspondence from us, you may email us at  Please be sure to indicate why you wish to be removed, as we desire to be most effective in our communications.

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