Gerson & Joy Deita


Gerson A. Deita was born in 1983 and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education with a Doctorate Degree in Educational Management. Gerson married Joy Deita, who is a Registered Nurse. Gerson and Joy live with their son, Elisha, in Kabasalan, Philippines were various groups of people reside, like the Subanen tribe, Muslims and Visayan. Gerson’s parents have been Pastors since the 1970’s and currently more than 30 churches are under their pastoral care. During his childhood days, he saw how hard it was to be in ministry, so he never thought in his wildest imagination that he would be involved in ministry. “But God’s thoughts are higher that ours.” When he was 18 years old, God lead him to Youth With A Mission (YWAM) school for training, and that became the turning point of my life. During his stay with YWAM, God put the desire in his heart to help those children, the community, and everyone who needs our help because he believes that through this we can share the love of Jesus and bring hope. He has run the first ever Dream Center orphanage in the Philippines that helps children rebuild their dreams and gives them hope for the future.

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