FBFR Training FAQs

Can you give me some basic information about the FBFR Training?
Visit our Training (FBFR) page for training descriptions. Training locations, dates and fees are listed here.
Who should attend FBFR Trainings?
People from all walks of life can benefit from attending this conference, educators, public service personnel, computer techs, mechanics, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, medical professionals, clergy, counselors, etc.
How old do I have to be to attend the FBFR Training? Can children attend an FBFR Training?
As these college level trainings are intense and graphic, with real life scenarios, parents are encouraged to attend with their children, typically 16 and over. Mature 13-15 year-olds may attend with parents. Due to the mature subject matter, children under 13 are not permitted attend.
Is childcare provided?
No, arrangements for childcare should be made off-site.
Why should I attend a FBFR Training?
The FBFR trainings will help you to be better prepared to assist individuals in crisis. A disaster doesn't always present itself on a national level. Sometimes it is your neighbor's teenager that was killed in a car accident, a co-worker's spouse that has been diagnosed with a terminal disease, a miscarriage, a divorce, a suicide. These trainings will equip you to step up and "bring hope" the next time you encounter one of these situations.
What is the Individual Crisis Intervention and Peer Support (ICIPS) or Assisting Individuals in Crisis (AIC) training?
The Individual Crisis Intervention and Peer Support (ICIPS) course used to be called Assisting Individuals in Crisis (AIC), which teaches the basic nuts and bolts of a foundational approach to helping those in need. You will learn what to say, how to say it, and how to listen and help individuals manage their crisis.
What will I learn in the Pastoral Crisis Intervention (PCI) training?
The PCI course is NOT just for pastors! In the PCI you will learn a how to functionally integrate the principles of pastoral care with those of crisis intervention. It is a great course for both pastoral staff and laypersons who wish to acquire professional crisis intervention skills. Laypersons who complete this course can assist with the professional pastoral care of church members and also learn how to be a resource for crisis response in their community.
Who is the instructor?
Dr. Gary Evans, founder and director of CALM Inc. Since 2007, Dr. Evans has been CIA's Certified ICISF Trainer for our Faith Based First Responder (FBFR) Trainings, including the AIC, PCI & CBT. His passion for teaching, fueled by years of field experience, brings an element to his classroom that engages and encourages his students to grasp & properly employ the CISM concepts.
Our Disaster Preparedness Seminar (DPS) is presented by several of our staff and board members, including Chris Zitzmann, Kevin Reilly and David Beaulieu.
I am interested in volunteering with my local Fire Department, Police Station or Hospital, how does this help?
The Assisting Individuals in Crisis (AIC) and Pastoral Crisis Intervention (PCI) trainings are International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF) courses. The ICISF trainings are recognized by the United Nations (UN) internationally, as well as here in the United States, as the "industry standard" training for Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM). At each training/seminar, you will be given an information resource packet pertinent to your local area with information to get you pointed in the right direction.
Does Christ In Action require training or FBFR attendance before I can volunteer with CIA?
No training is required to volunteer with CIA at this time, but we strongly encourage those wanting to volunteer with us to be trained.
After I have completed the training, do I have to deploy with Christ In Action?
You are not required to deploy with Christ In Action upon the completion of training, but we would love to have you! These trainings will build your confidence in addressing everyday trauma and enhance your ability to work with any ministry, church, business, government or non-profit organization.
Can I receive Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for attending a FBFR Training?
1.3 Credit Hours are offered by the University of Maryland Baltimore Campus (UMBC) for the ICIPS (AIC) and PCI courses. You must attend both days of each training in full to receive this credit.
I already have the AIC, PCI or CBT certification. Can I audit the course?
Yes, please contact our office to discuss details. Audit fee is genrally $50 and includes hot lunch onsite both days.
Do you offer a group discount?
Group discounts may be available for groups of 30 or more. Please contact our office for more details. Many of these same courses (not presented from the faith-based perspective) are offered by the ICISF for $380.00 and do not include meals or snacks.
What is the timeframe for the trainings?
Two-day FBFR trainings (ICIPS/AIC, PCI & CBT) are two full-day trainings--Generally:
Friday | 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM (Registration is 8:00 AM - 8:30 AM)
Saturday | 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Thirteen contact hours with breaks & a hot lunch served on site each day.

The Disaster Preparedness Seminar (DPS) is a one-day seminar--Generally: Saturday | 9AM - 4PM
Please visit our training event listing to confirm exact times.

What if I cannot attend both days of a training?
The ICISF allows you 6 months to take the other day of the AIC or PCI course. CIA will work with you to accomplish the completion of these trainings, schedule permitting.
What is your cancellation policy?
A fee of $25.00 applies to any form of cancellation made more than 3 weeks (21 days) prior to the scheduled training. No refund will be made after this date; however, you may transfer your paid registration to another person or conference, so long as it is done at least 1 week (7 days) before the training. You may transfer your registration to another conference for a fee of $25 up to one week (7 days) before the training. After this date, no transfers or refunds can be made. You may call our office, write or send an email so long as you connect with someone at least 7 days prior to the training.  Your registration and payment are confirmation that you have read and accepted the conditions outlined in this notice. In the event the conference staff finds it necessary to cancel a course because of insufficient registration or other reasons beyond our control, notice will be given to all affected registrants as soon as possible and a full refund of canceled course fees paid will be given to the registrants affected. For exact dates and cut off time please select the specific training/event you would like to attend.
How can I host a training?
We are happy to be partnered with local churches, businesses and organizations to be involved with Christ In Action.  Please consider hosting a Faith-Based First Responders training at your church or in your community.  We need at least 50 people in attendence to make the event a success!  Please contact our office for more information.
Do you provide lodging during the conference?
No. We do not provide lodging during the conference and are not able to allow dorm-style accommodations (as we do on deployments. We do provide listings of local hotels that you can book a room at.
Do you provide Childcare/ Can I bring my child with me to the training?
No. We do not provide childcare and the format of the training does not allow for children to be present, even if they are self-entertained. Please make other arrangements for your children during the training(s).

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