Midwest Tornadoes Assessment | April 2014

Tornado Assessment

Last week was a blur of activity here at CIA headquarters. We came back from the Bike Week outreach in OBX on Sunday only to see tornadoes start hitting that very night. Monday morning, keeping one eye on the weather channel, we began assessing and meanwhile had volunteers and staff working to make sure our equipment was ready to roll should we be called upon.

With the damage reports and assessments coming in from the affected areas, we were relieved that, while the destruction was devastating, it was not at the level we have seen in recent years. We have boots on the ground in AR, MS and AL; all reports indicate that local authorities and response organizations are equipped and capable of responding and meeting local needs. We do not believe that the intenisty of these storms merits a national deployment from Christ In Action. Thank you so much for your prayers. We continue to pray for these families affected, especially those who lost loved ones in these storms.
As we were assessing we got a note from one of the residents we helped 3 years ago (2011) in Alabama, when they were hit with a string of tornadoes in April:

Thank you Denny! Because of you, your incredible family and all that you've taught and helped us to prepare for, we are not scared but PREPARED :) Whether it is preparing for the storm or spreading the Word of the Lord, you've given us information and showed us how to use the tools and we continue to share it ALL as often as possible. Thank You!
Pleasant Grove, AL
Even though Christ In Action is not deploying at this time it is encouraging to see individuals prepared for what may come and ready to reach out to their community!

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