Hurricane Irene - Volunteers Needed!

Denny and Bethany were able to assess Hatteras Island from the air with Friendships. Evidence of flooding was visible. At this time only emergency personnel and those with special needs are being transported by ferry since the only road access to the island has been breached in 7 locations. The sole electrical infrasturcture has been damaged along with the road, so only limited generator power exists on the island. After assessing Hatteras Island Friendships has decided to deploy and partner with CIA, cooking and distributing food. We have been able to distribute food and water supplies to local residents, in addition to clearing many yards of trees and debris.

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We are in need of volunteers, we are scheduling volunteers through September 11, 2011. Please prayerfully consider joining us as we help the survivors of Hurricane Irene. Go to to register as a volunteer. Please note that due to the hazardous nature of disaster response, volunteers must be 18 years of age or older and in good physical health. Conditions will be muddy, dirty, hot and humid.
Please continue to pray for the people who remain on Hatteras Island. 


Even though Hurricane Irene has dissipated, the inland flooding that it has left in its wake still poses a very real and immediate threat. Find out if your home is at risk for flood and educate yourself on the impact a flood could have on you and your family. Go to for more information on how to prepare for flooding.

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