Heartfelt thanks from CIA Volunteers

We are so thankful for all of our volunteers who join us as we Bring Hope to America's Families!


"Thank you Denny for letting us join you. It was a true blessing for me and I am grateful that we got to work side by side yet again. The hands and feet, and arms and shoulders...work best when they work together! Love ya!"


Auburn, Alabama


"Bethany, Thank you so much for all that you & your family is doing for us & so many others :-)  To see you guys, The Red Shirts, Christ's Team In Action pulling into any neighborhood gives a comforting, exciting & inspirational feeling to everyone that knows what you all are about. Please know that even though some may not exactly be accustomed to being in the position of receiving (because they are normally the one giving) some may not know exactly how to express their thankful feelings, but WE ALL want to express a heart-felt "Thank You" to each of you. The sacrifice of your family's time, labor and unconditional giving of yourselves is beyond anything I have experienced from any individual and yet you have a WHOLE family of sisters, an awesome brother and parents who are making things happen on a daily basis that continue to change the lives of all who get the privilege of receiving your gifts of love and passion for changing people's lives. Thank You."


Jacksonville, Florida


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