CIA Assessment Team Begins To Survey Central Kentucky Tornado Aftermath

See photographs of CIA's Midwest Tornado Assessment

March 8, 2012 - 8:45 PM EST - Christ In Action's Assessment team arrived to a wet Central Kentucky Thursday morning, March 8, and surveyed several different areas throughout West Liberty,  Salyersville, and Prestonsburg.  This area was hit by two EF-3 tornados, one being 1 mile wide sweeping 95 miles (see photo below), and the other 3/4-mile wide sweeping 49 miles, leaving a path of utter destruction, and claiming 12 lives.

The largest need for the assessed areas thus far is debris removal.  One of the largest difficulties is finding adequate space in close proximity to the disaster zone to house volunteers and park trucks and equipment trailers.  We are getting closer to deciding where our deployment will take place.  Please stay tuned for details and do not register as a volunteer until we open registration (if you are not on our email list, signup online.)  Thank you for your prayers for God's leading and favor with those we encounter.


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