Alabama Deployment Update

We met this morning with the pastor to assess the situation at his church. Passing by it looks totally destroyed. On closer inspection we could see that it was. The pastor's office no longer has 4 walls, and their new carpet is missing from much of the building... not to mention the merging of the ceiling and floor in the sanctuary. However, in talking with the pastor we learned that they had chairs and lights still in the sanctuary that were in hard cases and preserved through the tornado, but they couldn't get them out because of the extensive damage. We worked to dig through the brick, concrete, drywall and wooden beams, and were able to recover most of the chairs, however we found that the lights had indeed been destroyed in the storm. Disappointed pastor asked us if we would indulge him once more. There was a picture of Jesus hanging in the foyer of the church. Could we dig that up and see if it was still in tact? It was a long shot, and even he knew that, but we decided to try. After a lot of careful digging and clearing we found the picture. The frame had been destroyed but the picture was virtually untouched!

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